Some projects I run in my spare time.

DataHack - I co-founded and co-manage, with Inbar Naor, DataHack, a non-profit / community / yearly hackathon dedicated to promoting data science and machine learning in Israel. It is the largest non-profit and hackathon in Israel dedicated to these subjects, and it runs projects such as DataTalks, DataNights and Kaggle-IL.

NLPH - I have founded a small online community around natural language processing in Hebrew, in hopes of encouraging joint community initiatives and the sharing of resources and knowledge. Activity is focused around our Facebook group and a resource repository.

DataConf - A yearly, casual data science conference by DataHack, meant to bring together data science and machine learning experts from the top companies in Israel for a day of knowledge sharing.

DataTalks - A meetup series by DataHack, dedicated to deep, technical talks on data science and machine learning, featuring speakers from both academida and industry.