Some projects I run in my spare time.

NLPH - I founded a joint community initiative with HaSadna to bring Natural Language Processing capabilities in Hebrew to a level on par with international industry standards, keeping up with state-of-the-art techniques by providing open source implementations to new algorithms and tools, and making these capabilities publicly available for both public and commercial use.

DataHack - I co-founded and co-manage, with Inbar Naor, DataHack, a non-profit / community / yearly hackathon dedicated to promoting data science and machine learning in Israel. It is the largest hackathon in Israel dedicated to these subjects.

DataConf - A yearly, casual data science conference by DataHack, meant to bring together data science and machine learning experts from the top companies in Israel for a day of knowledge sharing.

DataTalks - A meetup series by DataHack, dedicated to deep, technical talks on data science and machine learning, featuring speakers from both academida and industry.