A little about me.

Community Projects: I founded and manage NLPH, an iniative meant to encourage open NLP tools for Hebrew. I also co-founded and co-manage, with Inbar Naor, DataHack, a non-profit / community / yearly hackathon dedicated to promoting data science and machine learning in Israel. See more at my community page.

Work: I work as a machine learning / data science consultant (contact me by email for consulting). Before that I worked as the Lead Data Scientist of ZenCity, as a data scientist at Neura, and as a developer at Intel and Ravello (now Oracle Cloud).

Presentations: I sometime talk about my research interests and community activity. See more on my presentations page.

Education: I am finishing my Msc in computer science at The Hebrew University in Jerusalem. My research interests include machine learning, NLP, dynamic network processes, block chain systems and other areas in both data science and game theory. See more at my research page.

Open source code: On my spare time I have been creating some small open source tools. See more at my code page.