Things I've presented


Stationarity in Time Series Analysis, Part 2: Parametric notions of non-stationarity @ BigPanda, September 2019 - This talk discusses stochastic process modelling and parametric notions of stationarity. Based on the second part of my blog post on the same topic. [Google Slides]

Stationarity in Time Series Analysis: Why it’s important and how it’s defined @ BigPanda, September 2019 - A thorough introduction to the cocept of stationarity in time series analysis, including a brief introduction of stochastic processes. Does not include paramteric notions of stationarity. Based on the first part of my blog post on the same topic. [Google Slides]

Document Embeddings: A concise literature review @ BigPanda, September 2019 - A concise overview of document embedding techniques. Assumes familiarity with word embedding techniques. Based on my literature review on the same topic. [Google Slides]

Word Embeddings: A rough introduction @ BigPanda, September 2019 - A very quick and rough introduction to word embeddings, focusing on the skip-gram model of word2vec. [Google Slides] [Video]

DataLearn 2019: Introduction to Machine Learning @ DataLearn Prep Night 2019, 25.8.19 - A hands-on introductory workshop to machine learning, focusing on supervised classification, for the participants of the DataLearn track at Datahack 2019. [Video] [Github repository] [Google Slides]

Predicting Molecular Properties: Updates @ Kaggle IL Meetup #3, 22.7.19 - Some updates from the “Predicting Molecular Properties” Kaggle competition, while it was running. [Google Slides]

Clustering Evaluation @ Check Point data science guild day, 4.7.19 - An introductory talk about how to evaluate clustering methods . [Google Slides]

Clustering: A very rough intro @ BigPanda, April 2019 - An introductory talk about clustering I gave to data team members at BigPanda as part of periodic knowledge share sessions. [Google Slides]

Data Preparation: Scaling and Normalization (A very rough intro) @ BigPanda, March 2019 - An introductory talk about scaling and normalization I gave to data team members at BigPanda as part of periodic knowledge share sessions. [Google Slides]

Packaging for personal open source projects @ PyData Tel Aviv #19 - Open-Source Sprint, 19.12.18 - I talked about why packaging can be important even for small and personal open source projects, focusing on Python projects, at the 19th PyData TLV meetup. [Google Slides] [PDF slides]

Bot use in election period and its effect on freedom of speech @ Conference on freedom of speech on the internet in election period, 6.12.18 - I was part of a panel discussing the topic of bot use in election period and its effect on freedom of speech, providing the point of view of the AI research community and industry. [Video]

Practical preprocessing for Machine Learning @ DataLearn 2018, 3.10.18 - An overview of the most common and important preprocessing techniques used for data preparation in Machine Learning projects, aimed at newcomers. Given as part of DataLearn 2018, the workshop track of DataHack 2018. [Video] [Google Slides] [PDF slides]

Pied PyPIer: Why packaging is important for both open and close data science projects @ PyCon Israel 2018, 5.6.18 - A talk aimed at sharing my experience developing small Python packages in order to encourage more data scientists to open and share their Python code in package form. [Video] [Google Slides] [PDF slides]

Computing Nash equilibria in graphical games @ AlgoIL #1, 4.12.17 - A talk I gave at the first Algorithms Israel meetup, reviewing three different algorithms for finding Nash equilibria in graphical games. [Video] [Google Slides] [PDF slides]

Fuzzy Credit Networks @ Reversim 2017 - A talk I gave at Reversim 2017 about a variant to the concept of credit networks. [Video] [Abstract] [Google Slides] [PDF slides]

Handling data with Python: A hands-on workshop - A hands-on introductory workshop on how to handle data with Python using Jupyter Notebook, Numpy and Pandas. Given at DataHack 2016 and DataHack 2017. [Repository]

Quick & dirty data scienc with Python @ DataTalks #3, 15.3.17 - I presented a classification challenge we had at Neura, and how we tackled it using the simplest machine learning tools and some dirty heuristics to get a working system with good results in a short amount of time. [Event page]

Introduction to Network Analysis (with Python) @ Data Science Summit Europe 2016 Training Day, 5.6.16 - Together with Inbar Naor. An introduction to exploring network-structured datasets with the Python networkx package and Jupyter Notebook. [PDF slides] [Repository]


Data Science in the wild @ TIP 2018 - I talked at the Trans-disciplinary Innovation Program of The Hebrew University of Jerusalem about the actualities of practicing data science in the wild, and lessons learned from the mistakes I made. [Google Slides]

ODsL @ Reversim 2017 - I talked at Reversim 2017 about the ODsL project. [Video] [Abstract] [Google Slides] [PDF slides]

Fireside chat on Big Data @ Ir-Acdemia, Industry-Acedmia Event #2, 24.5.16 - Co-organized and co-hosted with Inbar Naor the Big Data Panel, interviewing Prof. Yossi Matias, VP Engineering @ Google, Prof. Menahem Ben-Sasson, HUJI President, and Prof. Yair Weiss, Head of the CS school. [Agenda]

Hackathons as an information sharing tool for companies and governmental organizations @ Teldan INFO 2016, 23-25.5.16 - Together with Inbar Naor. A presentation on the importance of hackathons as a community reach out avenue for various organizations. [PDF slides]